Charity Partner of the Month

Pink Ink Fund’s Charity Partner of the Month is The TaTa Top!

We are honored that The TaTa Top wanted to partner with us for cross promotional awareness. The TaTa Top is going to donate a percentage of sales to Pink Ink Fund and we couldn’t be more grateful. Find out more about their amazing cause!


The TaTa Top, Corp. was established in early 2014 and is owned by Robyn and Michelle Lytle–a Chicago-based married couple on a mission.

To put it simply, The TaTa Top is a flesh­colored bikini top with cartoon like nipples printed on it that offers a convincing topless illusion. It comes in three different skin tones and sizes range from XS­XXL. The TaTa Top was created in response to dated societal norms­­As a brand, we work to encourage people to question these societal norms and dig deeper when it comes to society’s expectations. Our customers are: mothers, daughters, breastfeeding advocates, sports teams, fundraisers, activists, protesters, breast cancer survivors, and women who just want to have fun.

We officially launched our business Memorial Day weekend May 2014. A  few  days after launching, The TaTa Top went completely viral! It was an hono  to receive press from numerous publications and websites, including: Fast Company, MTV Style, Glamour,  Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post,, BuzzFeed, Crain’s, Bustle, Shape, After Ellen, NPR,,and many more.

Michelle came up with the idea for The TaTa Top in response to a story Robyn told her about an incident at a Chicago beach. Robyn had been hosting two Dutch women as a cultural exchange, and they were not familiar with the topless laws in the U.S. When they went to visit one of Chicago’s beaches, they didn’t think twice about running into the lake topless for a quick swim on a hot summer day. ​Chaos​ ensued, and a male lifeguard told them they had to leave unless they covered their nipples. Once he realized they were visiting from abroad, he explained that “it’s illegal to expose nipples in America.” The women were confused, as the lifeguard stood there with his own nipples exposed. The pair relayed the story to Robyn later that day, and she was stumped when it came to attempting to explain why the law existed. It was just how things had always been…Always one to push boundaries and challenge authority, Michelle decided that The TaTa Top was the perfect way to stir things up and get people questioning the current law. The idea was born! As the idea developed, so did our goals.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to use a sense of humor to shed light on some serious issues while simultaneously raising funds for two areas we are extremely passionate about: breast cancer awareness and women’s rights. It’s great to create a product that makes people laugh, but it’s even better to be able to do something very serious with that success. For each TaTa Top sold, $5 goes directly towards supporting one of our partnered organizations, and this is what it’s all about! To date, we have raised over $25,000 for our partners!

The TaTa Top has women around the world taking a stand for equality and against censorship. Orders continue to roll in from all across the U.S., and abroad, including New Zealand, Australia, UK, Africa, and even as far as Saudi Arabia. Never in the history of the world have nipples on a bikini top had the potential to make such a statement and have such an impact. We look forward to watching our little business grow and seeing how much we can raise for our partnered organizations!

Social Media Presence:

From the very beginning, we have relied heavily on social media to help us spread the word of our mission and market The TaTa Top. Customers post photos daily in response to our “Things you can do in your TaTa Top” campaign. There are plenty of fun and creative responses to the campaign­­A woman from New Zealand posted a photo of herself voting in her TaTa Top on the 121st anniversary of NZ giving women the right to vote. A group of six women celebrating a 40th birthday with girls’ weekend in Turks and Caicos posted a photo of them all lined up in TaTa Tops on the beach­­a beautiful display of every TaTa Top skin tone available. Women have posted themselves doing all kinds of things in their TaTa Tops­­breastfeeding, camping, brewing beer, skateboarding, doing yoga, archery, snorkeling, riding the metro, walking the dog, gardening, horseback riding, etc. Instagram is our biggest focus, but we are present on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Pinterest.

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