Apply for a Grant

Pink Ink Fund Applicant Guide

• You must contact your Nurse Navigator, other qualified medical staff from your doctor’s office, or your Social Worker to request they nominate you for a Pink Ink Fund grant.

• You may need to schedule a joint call with your Nurse Navigator/Social Worker to your insurance carrier to verify denial of reimbursement for your mastectomy tattoo as part of the application process to the Pink Ink Fund and to make sure to document this denial.

• Once you have finished all needed stages for your application/nomination your case will be sent to Pink Ink Fund to be considered for grant approval.

• If approved, once you have accepted the grant, Pink Ink Fund is released from all liability for said grant.

If you’re a nurse navigator or social worker and would like to find out who qualifies or how to nominate patient(s), contact Pink Ink Fund below:

Contact Pink Ink Fund