Our Mission

Pink Ink Fund will raise money and solicit donations in order to offer financial assistance, education, and outreach to those in the community needing post mastectomy reconstructive, restorative, and recovery tattooing. Pink Ink Fund, in partnerships with the medical community and service care providers, will work to educate cancer patients, survivors and those genetically predisposed to breast cancer on their full spectrum of options on breast, nipple, and areola reconstructive tattooing following mastectomy surgery. Mastectomy surgery is a life-saving procedure, but often leaves the patient without their natural nipple and areola or leaves permanent scars. An important part of a full physical and emotional recovery from mastectomy is the reconstruction of the breasts. While surgeons and hospitals often incorporate tattooing and nipple repigmentation as part of the recovery and reconstruction, a few of these health care providers have also pointed patients to the benefits of seeking trained, licensed, and experienced tattoo artist in order to have a more realistic, natural looking nipple and areola repigmentation. Tattoo artist also have the skill and experience of creating unique designs for a patient that is seeking to cover surgery scars. These artists have more training and experience with tattooing techniques and often can provide the service to patients at a lower cost.


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